• Reconstruction - June 19, 2004
The Fire - June 19, 2003

On June 19, 2003, the Aspen Forest Fire swept through the Summerhaven Canyon destroying 360 structures, including the Living Rainbow Gift Shop. The Trolls, long time Living Rainbow residents disappeared. Beads used to make bell strands were found clumped together under the ashes of the original building. Never being able to sink a rainbow, the store was quickly re-organized, re-opened in parking lots and then eventually taking on a temporary building during reconstruction (Next gallery)

Reconstruction - June 19, 2004

This gallery shows the reconstruction process. It took almost 11 months from the time we moved in to the temporary building until the store was re-dedicated.

Grand Reopening - May 29, 2005

Just before the grand re-opening, the Trolls returned in mass. Slowly making their way back home. They kept silent as to their where abouts after the fire. The grand Re-Opening was a re-birth - of building, of Spirit, of Life.

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